Porsche Tire Experience

Learn what sets Porsche cars apart and how Michelin tires are engineered for each unique vehicle

Clients: Porsche & Michelin
Technology: Node.js, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Canvas, TUIO, iTween, MultiTaction table
Role: Developer

This touchscreen table experience in the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta used a MultiTaction table with a Chrome-based web app built for Kiosk Mode and physical objects to trigger content. Each object was trailed by a particle system of triangles of various sizes as the object was moved across the surface of the MultiTaction screen. The purpose of the experience was to showcase the Michelin tires best suited to various Porsche vehicles and the top-quality ingredients that made each tire unique.

This was my first project with Second Story, and I was the second developer on the project. I tested physical object interaction with different interaction triggers and size & format of tracked markers. I placed all copy, video, and images, created all text and image animations, controlled video scrubbing for triggered content, and scripted additional SVG animations (such as progress circles). I built a boid-based bespoke particle system with Canvas to trail physical objects placed on table. I owned support for this experience including troubleshooting hardware issues with the MultiTaction table.

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