KPMG Lakehouse

A multi-installation connected experience to showcase an innovative, state-of-the-art learning environment

Client: KPMG
Technology: Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Four Winds Media Player
Role: Banner & Halo - Lead Developer

The KPMG Lakehouse is a state-of-the-art learning environment in Orlando, FL, an innovative campus-retreat hybrid and training facility where KPMG employees can immerse themselves in KPMG’s values and goals. Second Story was tasked with building three experiences for employees to share their memories from their time at the Lakehouse and connect with one another. 

When employees first enter the Lakehouse lobby, they see a long, marble, interactive table, built in Unity, which, among other things, allows employees to respond to different prompts by drawing words or images, and tag their drawings with their employee info. Each response was drawn onto one of 11 water droplet shapes and was assigned a unique, animated water droplet bracelet. These prompt responses along with their droplets and droplet bracelets then propagate to the other experiences around the Lakehouse campus - the Banner and Halo experiences. These experiences displayed content using the Four Winds Interactive Media Player’s web container.

The Banner experience consisted of five long, vertical displays along a hallway of classrooms. This experience’s sole purpose was to display prompt responses with corresponding droplet and droplet bracelets, along with the prompts they belonged to in a fun, engaging manner. The Banner content was interspersed with KPMG Lakehouse announcements, and would cycle through every few minutes.

The Halo experiences were ring-shaped displays in the elevator bays at the Lakehouse. The Halos had two modes - one for displaying the prompt responses with corresponding droplet and droplet bracelets, and one for displaying a list of people onsite at the Lakehouse that day (“Signature” mode, though no actual signatures were displayed).

My role was development and support of the Banner and Halo experiences, integration with the Four Winds Player for the Banner and Halo experiences, SVG image transfer between Banner and Halo and the lobby Unity experience (the drawn prompt responses, droplets, and bracelets), and integration with KPMG’s API to pull down employee information.

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