AI Discord Bots

Discord chat bots enabled with OpenAI technologies

Client: Internal
OpenAI Node API, Clip Interrogator, Node.js, Discord API, Serverless, AWS Lambda and SQS, Heroku
Lead Developer, Tech Lead

I built two AI-enabled Discord bots as proof-of-concept prototypes for internal use. The first was a chat bot using ChatGPT (GPT-4) - once the bot was added to a channel, users could interact with it and converse naturally with it as if it were another user in the chat. The bot remembered its conversations with each user, and each user’s conversation history was cleared if the user sent the phrase ‘clear conversation’.

The second bot incorporated both Dall-E and Clip Interrogator (using the model 'ViT-L-14/openai'). The user could use the command ‘/makeprompt’ and upload an image, and the bot would return a prompt for that image. The user could use the command ‘/sustainability’ followed by a text prompt to generate 4 images based on the prompt. Each set of images came with 8 buttons: one per image to save a high resolution version of that image, and one per image to create four new variations based on that image.

The service code for bots was deployed on Serverless, using AWS Lambda to make the calls to the AI APIs and AWS SQS to house the queues of messages and responses for the image-generation bot only. The code for both bots was hosted on Heroku.

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