My Coke Story

Guests share their favorite Coca-Cola memories

Client: Coca-Cola
Technology: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Node.js, custom Chromium build, Sparkpost, Planar touch display
 Lead Developer

A portrait-orientation touch-screen kiosk experience located in the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, My Coke Story invites guests to describe a cherished Coca-Cola memory based on a selected prompt, then share their story via email if desired. The experience featured a Google Chrome-based touch front-end experience in kiosk mode with a bespoke onscreen keyboard for text entry, and a Sparkpost backend for dissemination of stories via email.

As the primary developer on the project, I built out the front-end experience and connected to the SparkPost backend. I built the bespoke keyboard, added all branding elements, programmed all interactions (attract animation, prompt selection, story text entry, email address entry & email submission, and story submission), I provisioned the PC for the application and installed both PC and screen onsite. Lastly, I created the documentation for the experience and handled any support requests.

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