Emory University - Convocation Hall

Bringing Emory University's news and accomplishments to the forefront of its newly-renovated Convocation Hall

Client: Emory University
Hallway & Foyer - Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js
- Social Wall - Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Google Drive API, Google Sheets API, Node.js
Role: Lead Developer for Hallway & Social Wall, install & support for all three experiences

Second Story created three architecturally-embedded digital installations to help tell the story of Emory University's campus culture and the school's impact on the global community. The installations live in the newly-renovated Convocation Hall, now the home of the university president.


I developed the applications for the Social and Hallway installations using Node.js, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3 running on a custom Chromium build in kiosk mode. I worked closely with the design team to choose image resolutions, font sizes, and animations that worked well with the nonstandard resolutions of the different displays, and I created an intuitive custom content update system for the Social installation using the Google Sheets and Google Drive APIs. I oversaw AV installation and integration of all three digital installations (Foyer, Hallway, and Social), and installed and tested the PCs for these as well as made design updates onsite. I also supported the Foyer, Hallway, and Social experiences and handled any issues that arose post-install.

Social Wall
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