Coca-Cola Challenge

Making learning about corporate initiatives feel fun

Client: World of Coca-Cola
Technology: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

The Coca-Cola Challenge is an interactive game kiosk experience located in Coca-Cola's World of Coca-Cola museum. This experience is designed to teach visitors about Coca-Cola's non-soft-drink products, sustainability efforts, and corporate social responsibility initiatives through four interactive games that test visitors' Coca-Cola knowledge: Perfect Pairs, a match-two card game, Spin & Solve, a timed puzzle made of concentric circles, Quick Quiz, a trivia game, and Race to Recycle, a game where players toss as many recyclables into their corresponding, moving bins as they can before time runs out.

I built the Coca-Cola Challenge application, integrating the four interactives with the visual and experience design of our creative team and weeding out any bugs via a thorough QA process, and I installed three Coca-Cola Challenge kiosks onsite - each with a 4K display and small form-factor PC. I now support these installations.

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